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Let’s Talk Shopping ( Clearance Shoe + 25% off in Cartwheel )

Today I went shopping because I am curious what are the sales for this week. Since I knew already that Sunday is the start of a new ad in Target Store, I have this habit of mine checking Cartwheel by Target. Cartwheel is an app that you can sign up either to your email or… Continue reading Let’s Talk Shopping ( Clearance Shoe + 25% off in Cartwheel )

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Beauty Drawer Makeover

I just can imagine how my family and friends would react once they see this posts. Pretty much most of them knew me that I don’t really do makeup but they don’t realize I do also but not quite too obsessed though. I’m still learning what is the proper way of using it. Lol, I… Continue reading Beauty Drawer Makeover

DIY/Crafts · Ideas

Fragrances Spinner DIY

Any aspect of doing a project either for the home or school we always turn on our computer to search in Google for ideas or through Pinterest since it’s popular now. I, myself, is always like that especially through Pinterest, it’s one of my obsession. I love reading and searching ideas and once I got my ideal… Continue reading Fragrances Spinner DIY


Desert Hummingbirds

Hello my fellow blogger! It’s been a while I did not checked my blog here, happy to be back. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Time flies by isn’t it? However, let’s welcome the New Year  with peace, love and happiness! And would love to share with you my photos I… Continue reading Desert Hummingbirds


Roses Collage

    Roses flower I took using iPhone 4s. The 1st one seems like an excellent shot using a super macro but the truth is, I just zoom in the picture so it fits to the collage, the original one is the last picture. I really love how these flower opened, the details is so… Continue reading Roses Collage


AZ Sunsets

Here come once again I would love to share the sunsets I took yesterday. During that morning was beautiful and clear sky, although later in that afternoon was a bit cloudy and other  places experienced snow showers  and rain. I actually in the outside world the whole day and witness those weather, because I went… Continue reading AZ Sunsets


Hybrid Dahlia

One of my favorite hybrid dahlia flower photography. Red and Pink Combination color Pink Dahlia Yellow and Orange Dahlia White Dahlia Red Dahlia