Let’s Talk Shopping ( Clearance Shoe + 25% off in Cartwheel )

12 Jul

Today I went shopping because I am curious what are the sales for this week. Since I knew already that Sunday is the start of a new ad in Target Store, I have this habit of mine checking Cartwheel by Target. Cartwheel is an app that you can sign up either to your email or through Facebook. These app has tons of random discounts that you can browse everyday,  I love this app. Before, I don’t really shop in Target but since this Cartwheel exists, I started to like now! Imagine, every week Target has sales, on top of that plus Cartwheel or if you have Redcard, double, triple savings you get right? Just click Cartwheel for further information.

Anyway, for those who  doesn’t know regarding this deal in Target, Cartwheel app has an additional 25% on their clearance ticketed price in Shoe Department. I believed this week their store has a lot of clearance but it vary though to other stores, I think because it’s starting for summer end sales and new coming in for schools or winter? I don’t know for sure but I checked today and the store near to our home has some clearance so if you already there, check it out!

I got one! I was actually browsing only in their aisle that has clearance but you know what will happened next right? So yeah! :)  I saw this beautiful shoe that catch my eyes, it’s ticketed one for $17. 48 regular priced was $34.99. That moment that I checked my Cartwheel and saw this shoe, I was like yay! I bought it because it’s already a big savings, clearance for $17.48 with the 25% cartwheel it was down to $13.31 only.

Here’s a funny joke of my thought when I was posting this to my facebook.

Knock knock? who is there?

Shoe. Shoe who?

Can you Shoe Me the pic?

Me: Ok and post the pic with the Shoe. Hahaha! Crazy thought!

Anyway, here is the Shoe I found in my shopping today.



And you know what I came up more to save big? I was lucky I still have a $10 Gift Card from the last 2 weeks that I received from the Household special promotion. You know how sometimes, when you buy two you get either $5 or $10 gift cards. That week I bought Toilet Paper and Paper Towels because we almost out at home, and it pop up I will received free $10 gift card. So today, I used that on my payment so basically I only paid for the remaining $3.31, that means I bought a shoe that cheap? I was amazed of my savings today and lucky too from what I bought is a pretty one. My shopping experienced today is a yay!


Hope you find one too and use that discount, I believe it will end 7/18. Goodluck!

Beauty Drawer Makeover

11 Jul

I just can imagine how my family and friends would react once they see this posts. Pretty much most of them knew me that I don’t really do makeup but they don’t realize I do also but not quite too obsessed though. I’m still learning what is the proper way of using it. Lol, I am such an island province woman still, but in fact , it’s just your generation too, how we grew up or where we came from. If you are used to, go for it, if not, learn from it. :). However, I admired to those beautiful ladies out there that know pretty good in makeup.

Anyway, let’s begin to the main topic. Basically it’s just depends what you have or if you want to spend money to buy an items that you need for organizing your drawer, it’s really depend on you. It just happened for me, that I was able to put up a way to makeover mine with what I have only which it worked and I thought myself “why not” ? So, I did, and I just want to share.

My drawer is different because it’s actually from the drawer for sewing and I used it for my personal items. Once you already know what you want for the makeover we gathered our needs. Keep in mind that  it’s just depend on how you want it!

Things I had for makeover: 

1. Styrofoam from your mail box packaged. As you can see below I used the picture from Google because it was too late for me I forgot to take a picture, so credit to the owner of this pic. I just used this as an example. If the shape of the Styrofoam you have is the same on the picture, the better… so it’s easy for you to measure and cut them.


2. A box from your gift set. I had this for long time and since it was empty I decided to kept it and I thought myself, this is a good idea for storage like mini items.


Just like for example on this followed picture. Isn’t it a great way to reuse this kind of beautiful, colorful gift box? I love it! It’s very optional if what items you want to put it. I did mine as Body, Face, Lip, & Eyes. Although you can randomly reverse them.


The next picture below was originally from that Victoria Secret Gift Sets. I love everything on this Mini Fragrances and Lotions & so the box. :). Credit to the owner for the picture below. I got this pic on Pinterest.


3. Gift box container again. Yes! And VS too. Lol!  I love how sturdy this container not quite but good enough to use for organizing, so I saved it.


The box is originally from this gift sets on the picture below. I believed I google the picture too so credit to the owner for that. Pretty much once you click the picture it will go to Amazon website or other online store.


4. Placing the Boxes. Place them inside the drawer, it was a perfect fit and just right. Of course, once you open the drawer, both boxes will keep banging to each other and it will not stay that good. The space still pretty good size. Then the Styrofoam is the answer to that.


5. These time, we need Scissor. As you can see the picture above, I don’t need that much of Styrofoam to secure those boxes. I measured in the center first then for the both side, easier that way.


Followed by this steps.


Then just press them down. Honestly, it secured good! 


That’s it! Seem’s easy right? It just happened that way too!

  • Here is my BEFORE clutter beauty drawer.


  • And here’s to my AFTER beauty drawer makeover.


IMG_9534 IMG_9536


So much better right? Organizing is awesome! You probably thinking why there’s no name on the top of the box? Yes not yet because I am not sure yet a bit big I want something small that close enough from the size of the actual display on that box. It’s pretty though, I bought that sticker in Target store SeeSpot for a $1 only.  Now you know, I have a collection of good enough makeup right? hahaha! To be honest I don’t really use them that much but I LOVE organizing!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this makeover ideas. I hope it will inspired you as well! Xoxo

Fragrances Spinner DIY

8 Jul

Any aspect of doing a project either for the home or school we always turn on our computer to search in Google for ideas or through Pinterest since it’s popular now. I, myself, is always like that especially through Pinterest, it’s one of my obsession. I love reading and searching ideas and once I got my ideal one that match to my stuffs then I will create one that are useful for our home.

I’ve been wanting to make one on my own of a Cake Stand for my fragrances but then at the same time my thought want something that more fun like with the word “spin”, and it was perfect because one time I went to Goodwill Clearance business center and I found a lazy susan wood although has damage to it but heck yeah I’ll take it and I just painted to covered the damaged, so that one object was surely a “BIG” helped.

I also look in Goodwill store to find a perfect size glass tray to put on top and luckily I found one and you can use microwave turntable tray as well. I added the fabric doily or the kind of centerpiece item that we used underneath for flower vase to make it look prettier so it’s optional. Any project we do is always depend on you which and what size you want it to be.

To be honest, I love this idea that I made, work pretty good for me and I’m loving it soo much. Not only you can use it to put your favorite fragrances, you can also put your everyday personal items so that way it’s very handy for you!

Viola/Tadaa – Fragrances Spinner

Close-Up ViewHere’s a quick picture guide as well!Fragrances Spinner DIY

Desert Hummingbirds

5 Jan

Hello my fellow blogger! It’s been a while I did not checked my blog here, happy to be back. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Time flies by isn’t it? However, let’s welcome the New Year  with peace, love and happiness!

And would love to share with you my photos I took,  some adorable hummingbirds from our backyard. Hope you All Have A Blessed Sunday!





Roses Collage

22 Feb



Roses flower I took using iPhone 4s. The 1st one seems like an excellent shot using a super macro but the truth is, I just zoom in the picture so it fits to the collage, the original one is the last picture. I really love how these flower opened, the details is so amazing . I love roses and it’s one of my favorite flower to captured. The beauty of this flower is such a unique one for me, and that’s why I took a picture.
8495669559_48b05f0f6e_z Have A Wonderful Day!

Hello Once Again Sunsets

31 Jan

Here come once again I would love to share the sunsets I took yesterday. During that morning was beautiful and clear sky, although later in that afternoon was a bit cloudy and other  places experienced snow showers  and rain. I actually in the outside world the whole day and witness those weather, because I went to work with my husband.  I had fun most of the day. We thought we won’t make it to see the sunsets but then we drove through along the way to the safety pullout near Sunflower, AZ and luckily we still made it.  I’m pretty sure a lot of professional photographer captured the amazing and stunning beauty of the desert sunsets yesterday 01/29/13. It was a very neat combination of colors, just loved watching it.

And here some few pictures of snow I took using iPhone along the way, National Forest, Forest Lakes, AZ.
Snow 419740_153849708101803_2125381567_n 542361_153848638101910_96231977_n

Hybrid Dahlia

30 Jan

One of my favorite hybrid dahlia flower photography. 

DahliaRed and Pink Combination color
Hybrid DahliaPink Dahlia
DahliaYellow and Orange Dahlia
DahliaWhite Dahlia
DahliaRed Dahlia


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