Desert Hummingbirds

5 Jan

Hello my fellow blogger! It’s been a while I did not checked my blog here, happy to be back. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Time flies by isn’t it? However, let’s welcome the New Year  with peace, love and happiness!

And would love to share with you my photos I took,  some adorable hummingbirds from our backyard. Hope you All Have A Blessed Sunday!





Roses Collage

22 Feb



Roses flower I took using iPhone 4s. The 1st one seems like an excellent shot using a super macro but the truth is, I just zoom in the picture so it fits to the collage, the original one is the last picture. I really love how these flower opened, the details is so amazing . I love roses and it’s one of my favorite flower to captured. The beauty of this flower is such a unique one for me, and that’s why I took a picture.
8495669559_48b05f0f6e_z Have A Wonderful Day!

Hello Once Again Sunsets

31 Jan

Here come once again I would love to share the sunsets I took yesterday. During that morning was beautiful and clear sky, although later in that afternoon was a bit cloudy and other  places experienced snow showers  and rain. I actually in the outside world the whole day and witness those weather, because I went to work with my husband.  I had fun most of the day. We thought we won’t make it to see the sunsets but then we drove through along the way to the safety pullout near Sunflower, AZ and luckily we still made it.  I’m pretty sure a lot of professional photographer captured the amazing and stunning beauty of the desert sunsets yesterday 01/29/13. It was a very neat combination of colors, just loved watching it.

And here some few pictures of snow I took using iPhone along the way, National Forest, Forest Lakes, AZ.
Snow 419740_153849708101803_2125381567_n 542361_153848638101910_96231977_n

Hybrid Dahlia

30 Jan

One of my favorite hybrid dahlia flower photography. 

DahliaRed and Pink Combination color
Hybrid DahliaPink Dahlia
DahliaYellow and Orange Dahlia
DahliaWhite Dahlia
DahliaRed Dahlia

Captured Near By The House

20 Jan

One of my unforgettable captured of the moon which is being taken near the house. That day was perfect, the moon is full, bright and just amazing. I used digital camera (PowerShotSX1IS), the only camera I used all the time. Why? because that’s the only one I can afford that day hehehe just kidding! It was bought because of the great review when that camera released. We all know that there’s tons of camera out there and most of them are great camera especially dslr, but whatever kinds of camera you are using as long you capturing it on your own uniqueness, it will always matter. “If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” – Linda McCartney . And that’s what photography is for, we snap and then we keep the most of it.


Stay Who We Are

19 Jan

Just As You Are

Some folks in life are fast
Some are slow
Some take a long time to start
And some just…go
They’re known as stars
But hey! Jesus made and loves you just as you are.

So whether your eyes are brown or blue..
Jesus loves you!
Whether your hair is brown or grey.
That’s the way you’ll stay.
Because Jesus made you and loves you.
And nothing can mar.
That you’re special to him.
Just as you are!

Some folks in life are social.
And some are shy.
Some are very strong.
And some always cry.
But do not be discouraged by what others can do.
Just give your heart to Jesus and he will use you.

~ by: Laura Lauridsen ~
New Zealand


Desert Sunsets

18 Jan

Wow! It’s been a while, I miss a lot of great things here. New Year, New Us.  However, our individual likes and interests stay the same just like photographing and other hobbies we used to.
One day, I went to work with my husband and that day was awesome. It was a very nice day, we witness the beautiful sunsets of the desert. And it was gorgeous especially when the sunsets reflects to the clouds and created some different lovely colors. So, here’s the pictures I took that day that I love to share.





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