AZ Sunsets

Here come once again I would love to share the sunsets I took yesterday. During that morning was beautiful and clear sky, although later in that afternoon was a bit cloudy and other  places experienced snow showers  and rain. I actually in the outside world the whole day and witness those weather, because I went to work with my husband.  I had fun most of the day. We thought we won’t make it to see the sunsets but then we drove through along the way to the safety pullout near Sunflower, AZ and luckily we still made it.  I’m pretty sure a lot of professional photographer captured the amazing and stunning beauty of the desert sunsets yesterday 01/29/13. It was a very neat combination of colors, just loved watching it.

And here some few pictures of snow I took using iPhone along the way, National Forest, Forest Lakes, AZ.
Snow 419740_153849708101803_2125381567_n 542361_153848638101910_96231977_n

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