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Let’s Talk Shopping ( Clearance Shoe + 25% off in Cartwheel )

Today I went shopping because I am curious what are the sales for this week. Since I knew already that Sunday is the start of a new ad in Target Store, I have this habit of mine checking Cartwheel by Target. Cartwheel is an app that you can sign up either to your email or through Facebook. These app has tons of random discounts that you can browse everyday,  I love this app. Before, I don’t really shop in Target but since this Cartwheel exists, I started to like now! Imagine, every week Target has sales, on top of that plus Cartwheel or if you have Redcard, double, triple savings you get right? Just click Cartwheel for further information.

Anyway, for those who  doesn’t know regarding this deal in Target, Cartwheel app has an additional 25% on their clearance ticketed price in Shoe Department. I believed this week their store has a lot of clearance but it vary though to other stores, I think because it’s starting for summer end sales and new coming in for schools or winter? I don’t know for sure but I checked today and the store near to our home has some clearance so if you already there, check it out!

I got one! I was actually browsing only in their aisle that has clearance but you know what will happened next right? So yeah! 🙂  I saw this beautiful shoe that catch my eyes, it’s ticketed one for $17. 48 regular priced was $34.99. That moment that I checked my Cartwheel and saw this shoe, I was like yay! I bought it because it’s already a big savings, clearance for $17.48 with the 25% cartwheel it was down to $13.31 only.

Here’s a funny joke of my thought when I was posting this to my facebook.

Knock knock? who is there?

Shoe. Shoe who?

Can you Shoe Me the pic?

Me: Ok and post the pic with the Shoe. Hahaha! Crazy thought!

Anyway, here is the Shoe I found in my shopping today.



And you know what I came up more to save big? I was lucky I still have a $10 Gift Card from the last 2 weeks that I received from the Household special promotion. You know how sometimes, when you buy two you get either $5 or $10 gift cards. That week I bought Toilet Paper and Paper Towels because we almost out at home, and it pop up I will received free $10 gift card. So today, I used that on my payment so basically I only paid for the remaining $3.31, that means I bought a shoe that cheap? I was amazed of my savings today and lucky too from what I bought is a pretty one. My shopping experienced today is a yay!


Hope you find one too and use that discount, I believe it will end 7/18. Goodluck!

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