Fragrances Spinner DIY

Any aspect of doing a project either for the home or school we always turn on our computer to search in google for ideas or through Pinterest since it’s popular now. I, myself, is always like that especially through Pinterest, It’s one of my obsession. I love reading and searching ideas and once I got my ideal one that match to my stuffs then I will create one that are useful for our home.

I’ve been wanting to make one on my own of a Cake Stand for my fragrances but then at the same time my thought want something that more fun like with the word “spin”, and it was perfect because one time I went to Goodwill Clearance business center and I found a lazy susan wood although has damage to it but heck yeah I’ll take it and I just painted to covered the damaged, so that one object was surely a “BIG” helped.

I also look in Goodwill store to find a perfect size glass tray to put on top and luckily I found one and you can use microwave turntable tray as well. I added the fabric doily underneath to add beauty to it, so it’s optional. Any project we do is always depend on you which and what size you want it to be.

To be honest, I love this idea that I made, work pretty good for me and I’m loving it soo much. Not only you can use it to put your favorite fragrances, you can also put your everyday personal items so that way it’s very handy for you!

Viola/Tadaa – Fragrances Spinner

Close-Up View

Here’s a quick picture guide as well!

Fragrances Spinner DIY


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