Full Moon in late afternoon

One of my unforgettable captured of the moon which is being taken near the house. That day was perfect, the moon is full, bright and just amazing. I used digital camera (PowerShotSX1IS), the only camera I used all the time. Why? because that’s the only one I can afford that day hehehe just kidding! It was bought… Continue reading Full Moon in late afternoon

Faved Quotes & Poems

Stay Who We Are

Just As You Are Some folks in life are fast Some are slow Some take a long time to start And some just…go They’re known as stars But hey! Jesus made and loves you just as you are. So whether your eyes are brown or blue.. Jesus loves you! Whether your hair is brown or… Continue reading Stay Who We Are


Desert Sunsets

Wow! It’s been a while, I miss a lot of great things here. New Year, New Us.  However, our individual likes and interests stay the same just like photographing and other hobbies we used to. One day, I went to work with my husband and that day was awesome. It was a very nice day,… Continue reading Desert Sunsets


Beauty in the Desert

I always love to go with my husband going to work not only for him to have company in the truck but also because I love to see the beauty of cactus in the desert. During spring, we saw some pretty blooms of the cactus flower and now the fruits. And because I can’t get… Continue reading Beauty in the Desert


My 1st Attempt Nail Art

Just like other women, I am one that so obsessed when it comes to nail art. I heart nail art and I love nail polish, so I started to do it on my own. And here’s my first attempt nail design: I know you love polka dots so do I. 😀 I used sewing pin for… Continue reading My 1st Attempt Nail Art



Cupcakes is one of my favorite food to ate, so I was surprised when my husband bought some cupcakes for me on Valentines Day. The cupcakes are from “Mind Over Batter” store that located at Tempe, Arizona. I was very surprises especially the taste of this cupcakes – very delicious, moist and yummilicious. For me,… Continue reading Cupcakes